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Hands Up

Hands Up



Put your hand up if you can imagine a better world? 

Hands Up is a specially commissioned, large-scale installation by local award-winning artist Taro Iiyama made entirely from recycled cardboard. Iiyama uses Buddhist symbolism to explore what matters most to us as individuals and asks us to reflect on how we can make change and contribute to the world around us. 

Iiyama invites audience members of all ages to contribute to the installation by creating their own decorated hand and adding it to the artwork. This “garden” of hands will grow to form a collective call to action to encourage positive change in our community.   

Watch the work transform as community members build upon Iiyama’s work. As he says: “Let’s step forward, make a difference, put our hands up and be counted.” 

Saturday, 25 Jun 2022 @12:00AM
Sunday, 4 Sep 2022 @11:59PM

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