Biosphere is a first-time collaborative work between local artists Abi Thompson and Helen Newman (Nomad Films) that explores the concept of our collective human impact on the narrow zone of our planet that supports life - our biosphere.  This immersive installation incorporates textiles, printmaking, animated digital projections and ambient sound to investigate themes of emergence, growth, degradation and regeneration within different natural environments - forest, coast, desert and mountain.

About the artists

Abi Thompson is known for her work with a diverse range of art mediums. As a long-term resident of Albury-Wodonga, she has exhibited Australia-wide, conducting workshops and presenting her work. Abi has won several awards for her wearable art, textiles, painting and printmaking.

Abi’s prolific output ranges from large-scale oil and acrylic works to community murals and commissioned weavings.

Her current work explores our relationship with the natural environment. She is constantly inspired by the landscape but is concerned by its degradation and destruction. Abi is particularly concerned about wildlife and habitat destruction and expresses the need for its preservation and conservation through her work.

Based in Albury-Wodonga, Helen Newman is an award-winning Australian filmmaker and video artist. Drawing on an eclectic background of classical piano, crisis counseling and community development, she has worked in the arts for the past 18 years establishing a reputation for delivering a variety of powerful stories told in unique and engaging ways. Helen’s projection works reimagine our everyday environments with a focus on playful, unexpected storytelling that encourages the viewer to explore anew their relationship to our world. 

Image credit: Nomad Films

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Saturday, February 12 to Sunday, May 8

Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm

Weekends: 10am to 3pm

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