[ Computers, Internet & Printing ]

Hyphen has computers and free WiFi available for your use

[ Printing ]

Hyphen has a mobile printing service that allows you to send printing from anywhere over the internet from your computer, smart phone or tablet.

Printing from the library

Black and white





40 cents




70 cents




Go to MobilePrint, follow the prompts, then go to the printing self-service kiosk in the Wodonga Library.

Login and select your print job (you can view the file to ensure it is the correct file).

Select “Release my print job” on the print kiosk followed by entering your email address and print. If you have any problems, the staff will be glad to help.

You can print an email or attachment. Forward your email to one of these addresses (based on what size and colour you want):

After receiving a confirmation email that your print has been processed select “release my print job” on the print kiosk followed by entering your email address and print.

You can also print using the app:

  • Download and open the PrinterOn app
  • Search for the location ‘Hovell St, Wodonga’. Click on the icon CWL Wodonga Library and then tick the top right corner
  • Select the file from your device
  • Select print
  • Add your email address and submit.

PLEASE NOTE: Printing is held in the queue for a maximum 24 hours, and is automatically deleted thereafter. Library staff can assist in releasing print jobs onsite if login fails at the Printing self-service kiosk. You may be asked for the file name, job reference number or your email during this process.


Book a computer to do study or research, or simply browse the internet, in a modern and comfortable environment.

All computer access is free with access to standard Microsoft Office programs and Ancestry.com.

Library members can book a public computer online here.

The Border Mail

The Border Mail online and digital editions are available on the public computers inside Hyphen.