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Boundary by Görkem Acaroğlu

Friday, May 03 to Wednesday, July 03

sen mēs tev jau gaidījām by Inga Hanover

Friday, March 15 to Sunday, June 09


Friday, February 09 to Sunday, May 05

A Study in Nature by Alison Percy

Friday, March 01 to Tuesday, April 30

Cicada Dance Lines II

Friday, December 08 to Tuesday, February 27

Sound of Drawing by Polyglot Theatre

Saturday, December 02 to Saturday, January 27

The Stains of Time by Adrian Doyle

Friday, November 10 to Sunday, March 03

As a Means to Cope

Friday, October 06 to Tuesday, December 05

Displacement by Robyne Young and Vernon Bartlett

Friday, August 11 to Tuesday, October 03


Saturday, July 15 to Sunday, February 11


Friday, August 25 to Sunday, October 29

Hierarchy of needs by Tai Snaith

Friday, July 28 to Sunday, November 19

Show me the story

Friday, June 02 to Tuesday, August 08

Terminus: Jess Johnson and Simon Ward

Friday, June 16 to Sunday, August 13


Friday, March 31 to Sunday, July 16

Warp and Weft

Tuesday, April 11 to Tuesday, May 30

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