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sen mēs tev jau gaidījām by Inga Hanover

sen mēs tev jau gaidījām by Inga Hanover



sen mēs tev jau gaidījām 
(sen mehs t-ev yauw gay-dee-yarm) 
we have been waiting for you long ago 

This new body of work by local artist Inga Hanover draws from her desire to nurture the ancient and enduring rituals, ceremonies and folklore of indigenous Latvian traditions.  

Inga’s visual language borrows from the symbols connected to Latvian mythology and the actions of harvesting, stitching, binding, covering, wrapping and shrouding of reused materials forms part of her storytelling. 

Sen mēs tev jau gaidījām, pronounced sen mehs t-ev yauw gay-dee-yarm, translates to “we have been waiting for you long ago”. 

sen mēs tev jau gaidījām weaves together installation, textiles and video in a beautiful exhibition exploring the richness of Hanover’s Latvian heritage.  

Inga Hanover is a well-known artist in North East Victoria.  She has been exhibiting for more than 30 years. There is a constant theme of “home” in Inga’s artworks, both in her illustration and installations over the past decade with themes that reminisce on childhood, yearning for things of the past and “longing for home”. 


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Friday, March 15 to Sunday, June 9 

Weekdays: 10am to 6pm

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