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An interactive immersive work by Gav Barbey and Andrew Howie 

There is no inherent still life — everything is within the flow of movement and change. 

You'll become the artist in this interactive exhibition in our Playspace Gallery. 

Be inspired by a collection of 500 of Gav Barbey's Iceworks on paper and choose your own coloured "ice melt" to add to a series of collaborative paintings. 

Let gravity and time change the picture as you watch the painting take shape. Observe how the art works grow and change as more people add their colourful ice melts. 

Barbey is a Victorian-based internationally recognised multidisciplinary artist who examines the flow of movement and change through interactive artworks. His work challenges us to think about how, like the blocks of colour, we are all different, always changing, and how, by looking closely, we can explore the diverse complexities that make us unique. 

Andrew Howie is a visual artist who has been working and playing with sound and light for more than 40 years.  Andrew refers to his approach to the creative as “synAesthetic” – hearing the rhythms, melody and noise of light and motion. 

How it works 

Choose a frozen block of colour - pigment trapped in ice - add it to a canvas in the space and watch as it slowly melts or transmogrifies and eventually dries 

Participating in this exhibition means you will be handling ice blocks with pigment embedded.  For this reason, we recommend participation for ages 3 plus or children who no longer put things in their mouths. 

Playspace Gallery
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For ages 3+
Exhibition Times

Friday, March 31 to Sunday, July 16

Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm

Weekends: 10am to 3pm

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