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Hyphen can provide educational and community engagement programs to assist educators plan excursions. All programs are flexible in design and can be tailored to fit curriculum links, learning and year levels.

Educators, ignite your students’ passion for learning

Hyphen offers a unique learning environment that enhances classroom programs.

Programs are facilitated by Hyphen’s education specialists and aim to build awareness and insight into the possibilities of libraries and galleries.

All programs are flexible in design and can be tailored to fit curriculum links, learning and year levels. Students are able to enjoy a wide range of learning programs and resources that promote engagement, creative and hands on learning experiences.

Please note bookings are essential for all education programs at Hyphen. 

Programs available

All things Hyphen

Choose from guided tours of Hyphen or specific library or gallery tours.

Hyphen’s staff work to build visual literacy and an understanding of culture and the importance of art in society.

All tours are tailored to meet the needs of individual groups. Programs are designed to support the Foundation to Year10 Visual Arts Exploring Ideas; Responding and interpreting as well as other areas across the curriculum as required.

Tours are designed to strengthen conversation, problem solving and writing skills.

Students are engaged through object-based learning which develops critical-thinking skills and fosters an appreciation for the visual arts in the next generation.

Gallery tours include a talk and tour of the current exhibitions.

You Me and the Galleries

An introduction to visiting a public gallery and the work on offer (30 to 45 minutes). Suitable for preschools and Foundation to Year 2 students.

Curriculum Connections

Through in-depth analysis of a specific exhibition, theme or artist, an opportunity to consider and discuss the artworks, their cultural and social contexts, possible interpretations and meanings (60 minutes)

Artist-led workshops

Tailored to meet students’ needs. Available for for primary and secondary students. Fees may apply.

Artist floor talks

Tailored to meet students’ needs. Available for VCE students.

Self-guided tours

Exhibition tours are a great way to discover the exhibitions at Hyphen independently and can be further enhanced by our education resources. If you’d like to visit independently with your school group, it’s important to book ahead so our team can accommodate you and make sure your needs are met.

Chat with the Curator

BYO lunch and catch a lunchtime chat each season with our curators to gain an insight into the role of the curator in the design process for each exhibition.

Available for VCE students.

Behind The Scenes [VCE and HSC only]

These tours are specifically designed to prepare students for their final year of study and major work development by visiting a public gallery and speaking first-hand with gallery staff.

Students will gain an insight into the role of Hyphen as a public gallery through a behind-the-scenes look into its operation. Students will meet with a key staff member and learn about the people and processes involved in curating, exhibiting and promoting exhibitions and workshops as well as the conservation of artworks.