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'Bibs and bobs' form part of exhibition

News / Jun 28, 2022

Long before the invention of electronic calculators, Pauline Harris’s bank-employee father, Hugh McHarg, added and subtracted pounds, shilling and...

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Every day is a LEGO adventure for Adrian

Hyphen Wodonga / Jun 21, 2022

Wodonga teenager Adrian Kaletta does not go many places without his favourite LEGO figurines. The 15-year-old artist uses LEGO to build imaginary worlds...

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Mentors helping young artists to grow

News / Jun 20, 2022

Young artists are getting expert help to grow their creative skills, explore new concepts and workshop their ideas, thanks to a mentoring program at Hyphen...

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Friends of the Library help flood victims

News / Jun 09, 2022

The Friends of Wodonga Library have taken a small but important step towards helping the community of Lismore in northern NSW to recover from catastrophic...

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Seeing the humour in both life and art

Headline News / May 25, 2022

Bethanga artist Marley Dawson associates his latest artwork, debuting at Hyphen – Wodonga Library Gallery, to a recent personal milestone – turning...

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Exploring the land, the figure and the flower

News / May 17, 2022

  Albury-based artist Alison Percy has always had an eye for detail that is well suited to the arts. Originally training as a graphic designer,...

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