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Comics and Creators - part of The BIG Summer Read

Comics and Creators - part of The BIG Summer Read



Celebrate all things comics with giveaways and artist demonstrations and pick up a free comic*.

Choose from a selection of limited edition comic titles and learn more about the comic and digital art medium with our featured artists demonstrating their creative process.

* Limited numbers, while supplies last.

Artist schedule

  • 10.30am - 11.30am: Jezahna
  • 12pm - 1pm: Kieran
  • 1.30pm - 2.30pm: Suzana

Meet the artists

Jezahna is a freelance artist from Wodonga who enjoys exploring whimsical themes through the creation of fantasy illustration and portraiture. She strives to create narrative and storytelling through her personal work and enjoys working with a variety of artistic mediums to do so, although her primary tool of choice is the digital tablet or iPad.

Kieran is a cartoon and comic book artist whose passion for art and illustration began when he was a child. Prior to fully embracing his comic career, Kieran was an amateur artist. This experience helped him to create Halftone Productions and its signature comic series Talking Bread. Since then Kieran has gone on to work on new comic book project and collaborate with other companies and creators on their projects. Kieran has also appears regularly at comic and gaming conventions. 

Suzy is an autistic 21-year-old with a special interest in cartoons and comics. She is working on a webtoon - a type of webcomic that is nonstandard and made for vertical scrolling on a phone - as well as short comic projects and animation. You can also find her streaming on Twitch. As part of the workshop, she will be sharing her processes when it comes to scripting and thumbnailing a story, an integral part of the process.


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