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[Projection at Hyphen] Glancing down and around at 36.1241° S, 146.8818° E.

[Projection at Hyphen] Glancing down and around at 36.1241° S, 146.8818° E.



After sunset, the windows on cantilever come to life with an animated artwork by artist Freya Pitt especially created for the opening of Hyphen. The projected animation explores Wodonga from the perspective of a bird. Be a part of the journey, flying through the night sky over many iconic Wodonga landmarks.

Beginning with a bird’s-eye and glancing down and around at 36.1241° S, 146.8818° E, we see a border city on a river which divides and reflects. From almost anywhere in Wodonga, you can see the low hills around the city. The physical environments we live within change over time but we tend to move much faster, winging past them on our own trajectories, while around us building facades slowly shift and new ones appear, trees grow and fall and reflections change throughout the day.

Pitt’s practice spans video, projection, painting, performance and installation. She has exhibited in galleries and completed permanent and ephemeral commissions around Australia including the Melbourne Festival Art Trams Project and White Night Melbourne.

This project has been developed in partnership with the Centre for Projection Art, Melbourne.